High intensity, low profile, white light task fixture.

The Boca Flasher’s Task Light is a shallow profile fixture specifically designed for task areas where space and energy consumption are constrained. Boca Flasher’s patented CleanDim® technology ensures even dimming from 0-100%. The Task Light is also equipped with the BocaSense™ control module, which operates the Task Light for efficient use of energy. It is designed for use in the Task Light for both commercial and residential applications. The Task Light features a diffused lens that softens and dissipates the shadow lines on work surfaces and is offered with occupancy and vacancy sensors to ensure energy is not unnecessarily wasted. It can be fabricated with a range of color temperature choices, affording a multitude of options. The housing is anodized aluminum with a durable finish making it weather and abrasion resistant.

Using genuine NICHIA LEDs



Fixture sizes 6″-88″ / 13″-91″ in 6″ (L-Shaped Brackets +1.76″)
Lumens 275 FC at 18″ above working surface in 7.5W per ft setting
Wattage Boost: 15 / Hi:9 / Mid:5 / Lo:3 – Boost: 14 / Hi:8 / Mid:4 / Lo:2
Electrical 90-120VAC, 230-277VAC
Optics Options 120°
Color Options 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
Control Integral touch dimmer, vacancy / occupancy sensor standard
Ratings Interior only

Occupancy Sensor


Task Lighting for work spaces
Lighting kitchen counters



Line voltage
Motion sensor turns light on/off automatically
Fixture can be hard wired or plug in with Edison plug
Cost Efficient
Installation ease





Task Light Spec Sheet
SMART DIMMER 0-10V Spec Sheet
Task Light Master Tech Sheet (M)
Task Light-Master Tech Sheet (S)
Task Light Installation Guide

Autocad Drawings

Task Light Autocad

Revit Drawings

White Difuse(M)
White Difuse(S)