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Solid Color, Dimmable LED Light Strip with Choice of Tube Housing

The Boca Flasher’s AC100 designed for low-power applications where energy consumption and size are the main concerns. It can be specified with either one or two rows, depending on the light out put required. It offers seamless LED configuration, easy installation and vibrant solid color. The AC100 can be used with any magnetic low-voltage dimmer and is available in different housings for different uses, including underwater installations where IP68 is required.


  • Cove Lighting
  • Mill-work and Other Display lighting
  • Signage
  • Underwater Installations
  • Edge-lit and Back-Lit Glass Installations
  • Customized decorative lighting


  • Ideal for Small to Long Runs
  • A Variety of Sizes
  • Easily Integrates Into and Meets the Demands of Varied Environments