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Boca Flasher has responded to market demand and now offers a 277V option for its industry-best linear Task Light, making the product viable when 120V, 230V and now 277V are required.

Boca Flasher’s patented linear Task Light produces uniform illumination with negligible point-source shadowing that’s generally found in most LED task lights. This LED Task Light is capable of higher illumination when needed without sacrificing energy code compliancy. This feature is accomplished by using timing circuitry to automatically reduce illumination, intensity, and corresponding energy consumption after a preset time interval.

The upgraded Task Light is now a selectable option for Boca Flasher’s specification community and its growing list of OEM government contract and furniture partners. In addition, the product is available for the global markets which require a 230V/50HZ operation.

The user selectable onboard occupancy/vacancy option allows broader use without impacting energy load calculations for LED compliance.

Click Here for more product information including spec sheet and installation guide.


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The Public Hotel

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  • Hospitality
The Public Hotel New York City Lighting Consultant:  Fisher Marantz Stone Product:  NANOLUME The Public Hotel was opened in June
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Private Residence

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Private Residence Peacock Ceiling Design by:  Susan Fine Product:  CCS100 Susan Fine designed her ceiling to mimic a peacock's feathers. This
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Saks 5th Ave.

  • Retail
Saks 5th Ave. Exterior Design by: Lighting Workshop Product:  HPFB Illuminating the Saks 5th Ave building is Boca Flasher's HPFB

LED Architectural Systems

Flexible · Cost · Uniformity

Flexible Installation

Boca Flasher has designed and developed many ideal architectural LED systems that allow any lighting designer unlimited creative flexibility, permitting boundless design options. Our engineers have designed LED lighting products that are meant to seamlessly blend with varying contours and architectural shapes. The broad selection of colors and shapes allow architects and designers to mix and match LED components to construct and fashion the perfect lighting design.

Cost Decrease

Uniform Brightness

Substantial Cost Decrease

Boca Flasher’s Architectural LED Systems Performance Comparisons against traditional neon and fluorescent lighting are astonishing. The comparisons prove our products offer enormous power reduction while gaining astronomical longevity with the extended lifespan of our LEDs. Our highly efficient and long life Architectural LED Systems consistently produce extraordinary brilliant performance for a wide array of building structures and architectural elements.

Reliable & Steady Luminance for Uniform Brightness

Replacing poorly lit or inconsistent LED lighting fixtures due to uneven luminance is never an issue with the Boca Flasher brand. Your Architectural LED Systems will no longer be subject to dimming, burned out lamps, wrong color temps or varying levels of brightness. Shadows from housings and sockets will not disrupt uniformity – only brilliant and bright, evenly distributed white light throughout your desired architectural structure.

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