Small-profile, dimmable, line voltage LED fixture with low wattage

The Boca Flasher HPNLS-LO is a small-profile fixture well suited for many lighting situations where both space and locating transformers are concerns. This patent-pending line voltage fixture runs on only eight watts per linear foot. It eliminates the need for secondary transformers, making installation contractor friendly. Boca Flasher’s CleanDim® technology ensures even dimming from 0-100%. The HPNLS-LO can be fabricated with a range of optics and color temperature choices, affording a multitude of distribution and effect options

Using genuine NICHIA LEDs



Fixture sizes Lengths in 6” increments (12” minimum, up to 96”) 1.68” W x 1.68” H
Wattage 8 or 10W per linear foot (model dependent)
Electrical 90-120VAC or 230-277VAC
Optics Options 10°, 30°, 60°, 10°x60°, 30°x60°, 120°
Color Options 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, amber, red, green, blue
Control Leading-edge / Trailing-edge line dimming, 0-10V, DMX
Ratings Interior, Exterior (IP65), Wet (IP68)


Wall grazing
Cove lighting
Backlit glass applications
Decorative lighting, especially in applications that require a compact fixture with variable light output



Compact, variable-light fixture ideal for areas requiring bright white or monochromatic colored illumination
Uses standard line voltage dimmers
A variety of options in optics, color temperatures and accessories
Fixtures can be interlinked to create long runs, requiring fewer power feed locations
Long runs have consistent light with no gaps
Ease of installation is unparalleled in the industry





HPNLS-LO Spec Sheet
SMART DIMMER 0-10V Spec Sheet
HPNLS-LO Master Tech Sheet LO6
HPNLS-LO Master Tech Sheet LO8
HPNLS-LO Installation Guide

Autocad Drawings

HPNLS-LO AutoCad Drawing

Revit Drawings

Clear Anodized
Black Anodized