Custom Light Fixtures

At Boca Flasher we welcome the challenge to invent and develop products for your lighting needs!

Boca Flasher Engineers continue to develop product advances – particularly in performance and ease of integration for the changing demands of lighting design. Lighting designers & specifiers involved with large scale and smaller projects often have situations where a “standard” industry lighting product will not work; our engineers and inventors strive to find them the best possible solution. Often their requirements range from specific environments to a distinct design effect. We can customize a standard product or provide a custom solution for those needs. All our experts are under one roof in sunny South Florida, proudly manufacturing products in the USA. Our full-service, on-site staff of manufacturing experts and stringent quality control criteria, is why Lighting Designers and Architects come to Boca Flasher for a their Special Lighting Projects!


Using genuine NICHIA LEDs



Boca Flasher Engineers and Inventors
work closely with our customers to ensure that every custom project is developed specifically to their needs and requirements.

Auto CAD Artist
We work closely with our Engineers to supply the customer with precise drawings of our lighting solution.

We work closely with our Engineers and AutoCad Artist to assure that the product is built accurately and to its apex performance.

Quality Control
Our Facility Manager oversees each project diligently to guarantee the finished solution is worthy of our Boca Flasher fingerprint and your stamp of approval!