Chicago, IL

Customized HPNLS

Lighting Design by:
Charter Sills

Lighting Design by:
Charter Sills

Museum Sculpture

Winning Artists:
Bernheim and Larimer

Boca Flasher was honored to provide customized HPNLS LED lighting products that were installed at the base and ceiling of the sculpture named, “12151791” after the date the First Amendment was ratified.
The two-story piece is made up of spiral of 800 aluminum plates — each plate is like a piece of paper stamped with an individual’s story expressing a First Amendment freedom . These hovering metal pieces are supported by a series of structural chords, each chord represents a segment of time. Described by the artists as a “suspended timeline,” Boca Flasher’s Customized HPNLS & HPCM LED lights, bring this suspended time-line to life.

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