Boca Flasher Announces 4 Product Additions to its Popular NANOLUME Family

Boca Flasher, Inc. introduced today four exciting additions to its NANOLUME family as the NANOMIX, NANOTUNE, NANO WARM DIM and the NANOX join the product line.

“These new NANO products are the natural evolution for our highly successful NANOLUME product family,” David Urban, Vice President of Sales, Boca Flasher, Inc., says. “These products continue to embrace NANOLUME’s key features of size and simplicity of installation but are also designed to broaden project opportunities for our design community by allowing expanded capabilities, including color mixing and tuneable light while maintaining ease of control.”

The NANOMIX is a RGBW color-changing, line-voltage fixture for use where space is a concern but full spectrum color is desired. This four-channel DMX fixture allows full RGB color mixing with the added option of delivering industry-best quality white light or any other single-color LED solution. The system utilizes Boca Flasher’s wireless mesh network NANOROUTER* (patent pending) array to simplify any installation.

The NANOTUNE is a tuneable, dimmable, white-light fixture for spaces where color temperature adjustment is essential. This two-channel DMX fixture allows full-range control of desired CCT, while delivering industry-best quality white light in a compact housing. The NANOTUNE also utilizes Boca Flasher’s wireless mesh network NANOROUTER (patent pending) array to ease installation.

The NANO WARM DIM is a micro profile, LED task and cove fixture with warm dim technology. The standard range shifts the color temperature from 3000K to 2000K as the fixture is dimmed. Other color-range options are available to meet any project need. Boca’s patented CleanDim® technology ensures even dimming from 0-100%.

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The NANOX is a very small, profile exterior LED fixture with dimmable, solid-color line voltage for outdoor use. The Boca NANOX is well suited for light pockets or protected outdoor areas where space and energy consumption are constrained. Boca’s patented CleanDim technology ensures even dimming from 0% – 100%. The NANOX can be fabricated with a range of white color temperature choices or any single-color LED, affording a multitude of options. The NANOX housing is made from a clear anodized aluminum with a durable finish and a tempered glass lens making it exterior resistant.